Sewing Tips | Are you always unable to hem your neckline well? Teach you sewing tips and make it easy

Welcome Hemming is a very widely used production technology in clothing production. Especially in summer, it is used a lot on the neckline of women’s clothing. How to wrap the neckline smoothly and snugly? You can check our sewing finish products here also.

Step 1: Cut the fabric strips

First we need to cut the fabric strips. When choosing fabric strips, be sure to choose fabric strips with a twill pattern to ensure maximum elasticity. When cutting fabric, be sure to cut it at a 45-degree angle. This angle can ensure better stitching and maximize elasticity.

Step 2: Determination of strip length & splicing demonstration

The length of the collar wrapping strip must be 4/5 of the entire neckline length; using this length of wrapping strip, the neckline can be made to ensure a tight fit to the greatest extent and will not turn out or deform.

For the stitching method of the hemming of the neckline, please refer to the picture above.

Step 3: Splicing & trimming the edge strips

Following the previous step, sew and join the wrapping strips.

Following the previous step, sew and join the wrapping strips.

After the corners are trimmed, the next step is to make the hemming.

Step 4: Fix the wrapping strips

As shown in the picture below, the wrapping strip and the collar fabric are facing each other; fit the wrapping strip and the collar tightly, iron it briefly, or use a pin to fix it.

Warm reminder :Friends who are not familiar with hemming can use pins to fix it. Do not stretch the hemming strips when fixing; each section of hemming strips should be evenly dispersed and fall on the neckline.

Step 5: Sewing the wrapping strips

After the wrapping strip is fixed, you can sew along the fixed wrapping strip.

When sewing, pull the wrapping strip gently and stretch it as straight as possible so that the wrapping strip can cover the neckline.

Step 6: Fold inward, press the line twice, and finalize the shape

As we all know, a good neckline requires secondary creasing. The secondary creasing helps to strengthen the collar and make it more durable.

Based on the previous step, fold the neckline inwards. After folding inward, press and sew along the inner edge.

Step 7: Iron and shape

After the second creasing, iron it so that the neckline will fit more closely.

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