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280gsm french terry

Terry ideal for towels, bathrobes, and baby products. Made primarily from cotton, it offers softness, durability, and versatility.

Binbin 2×2 rib fabric characterized by its distinct vertical ribbed texture, offers excellent stretch and recovery. Ideal for cuffs, collars, and casual wear, it provides comfort and durability.

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loopback thick terry in stock

Flannel fabric known for its soft, brushed texture and warmth, is perfect for shirts, pajamas, and bedding. Made from cotton or wool, it offers comfort and durability. 

Muslin fabric, a lightweight and breathable cotton material, is ideal for baby swaddles, dressmaking, and home decor. Known for its softness and versatility, it’s perfect for delicate projects. 

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Choose 600gsm terry fabric for clothing due to its superior absorbency, plush texture, and durability. Ideal for towels, bathrobes, and loungewear, it offers exceptional comfort and longevity.

Muslin fabric offers benefits like breathability, softness, and versatility. Ideal for baby swaddles, dressmaking, and home decor, it’s lightweight and easy to work with

Yes,in BinBin clothing store we can offer you 1 yard print.

Yes, muslin fabric is excellent for printing due to its smooth texture and absorbency. It holds dyes well, making it ideal for custom designs and patterns.

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Luxury towels made from super heavy terry fabric include Egyptian cotton towels, Turkish cotton towels, and bamboo blend towels. These towels offer superior absorbency, plushness, and durability, providing a spa-like experience. 

Thin muslin print fabric applications include baby swaddles, lightweight curtains, summer dresses, and craft projects. Its breathable and soft texture makes it ideal for delicate and airy designs. 

Mulmul fabric, known for its lightweight and breathable qualities, is ideal for summer clothing, baby swaddles, scarves, and home textiles like curtains and bed linens. Its softness and versatility make it perfect for delicate and comfortable items.

Cotton thin fabric is ideal for summer clothing, baby garments, lightweight curtains, bed linens, and craft projects. Its breathability and softness make it perfect for delicate and comfortable items.

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