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Product name: muslin baby napkin wipes
Fabric: Pure cotton
Product size: 25x50cm
Product weight: 45g

салфетки муслиновые для ребенка

(1)Functions of Baby Muslin Napkins

Muslin baby wipes have many functions. They can be used for:

Absorb saliva or milk if the child spills. Good muslin square fabric for saliva or milk absorb.
Protect the mother’s shoulders from the baby’s vomiting during feeding.
Protect a child in a stroller or car seat from the sun or wind.
Cover surfaces where the child will lie or play to protect them from dirt or stains.
Wrap baby to create a feeling of coziness and comfort.
Use like a diaper to make sure your baby doesn’t open their legs while sleeping.
Muslin baby wipes are very popular due to their softness, lightness and breath-ability, making them the perfect choice for babies’ sensitive skin.

If you like this muslin napkin, feel free contact us, custom logo on this cloth napkins baby diapers is available, we have 21 year working experience sewing mother for so much tips on personalization.

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