hot sale unisex double layer muslin organic cotton baby diaper cloth

Double layer muslin cotton baby diaper

Product name: Double layer muslin cotton baby diaper
Fabric: Pure cotton
Product size: 120×118 cm
Packing Method: Bundled

(1)Why need the double layer gauze fabric wrap?

Mothers are always very careful when it comes to the comfort and safety of their babies. Looking for a baby wrap that will make your newborn feel comfortable and safe?

(2)Material for the 2 layer muslin diaper

These wraps are usually made from a soft and comfortable material, one of the most common materials being muslin cotton. The properties of this material make it a popular choice because it is lightweight, soft, breathable, durable and easy to clean. It can be used as a blanket, diaper, wrap, hot dish holder and more.

(3)Feature of our muslin blanket in BinBin Store

Muslin wrap or Muslin blanket are sheets or blankets used to wrap an infant. A cotton swaddle is also a thin blanket or coverlet used to wrap an infant around. Muslin baby wrap is a product specially designed for new mother, our lightweight baby blanket is very popular, it is a breathable wrap that can help keep baby comfortable and dry.

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