custom sewing small batch diy muslin cotton burp diaper newborn

wholesale muslin cotton burp diaper

Product name: Muslin cotton burp diaper
Fabric: Pure cotton

(1)Binbin Store custom sewing burp diaper

In house laser cutting machine for the fabric boundary cutting for any curve. Our sewing mother make the sewing thread to fix the fabric sewing and button mounting if have any. We can make logo digital print on the burp diaper.

(2)Why need the muslin burp diaper for your little one? 

With its soft and breathable muslin fabric, the bath diaper is an essential accessory for new parents. This versatile towel is designed to protect a parent’s clothing from baby’s eruptions while providing a comfortable surface for the little one.

(3)Use of the gauze burp diaper

Whether you’re feeding your baby or helping him burp, this towel is the perfect solution for moments of mess. It can also be used as a bib or diaper when your baby is transitioning to solid foods.

Other product our muslim baby bibs with snaps you may be surprise.



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