Black cross and grid pattern Throw Blanket Wholesale for newborn little one

Black cross and grid pattern Throw Blanket Wholesale


Product name: Black cross and grid pattern Throw Blanket
Fabric: 100% muslin cotton, 2 layers
Product size: 120x118cm
Product weight: 180g

black cross grid blanket

(1)Feature of  Binbin cross and grid pattern throw blanket

Created for newborn with 100% muslin cotton fabric, skin touch friendly, 2 layer muslin structure for batter water absorption. Wholesale with other patterns available ,such as A-Z English alphabet towel, Triangular towel,Heart shaped towel as below pictures:

A-Z English alphabet towelTriangular towelBlack heart shaped towel

(2)Fabric micro detail of our blanket

Soft and small cotton fiber for our cross and grid pattern blanket, reactive printing and dyeing for the patterns, free of  fluorescence and formaldehyde.

fabric detaildetail sewing edge of blanket

(3)Package of the blanket shipment

Sale with single roll pack or Gift Package, check with us for more.

single roll pack blanketGift Package blanket

(4)Feasible sewing factor of Binbin for blanket custom

If you need custom the blanket, Binbin factor is the right choice.

-In house fabric laser cutting machine for fabric cut into specific dimension and shape. Just one click on our laser moving button , then cutting fabric per design shape  with accurate dimension.

-In house sewing machine for custom sewing services.Our  sew shop can make following sewing service: muslin blanket, lycra swaddle, towel, heat transfer print.

-In house embroidery shop for various embroidery, for some of our customers, they ask us to do the follow embroidery DIY pattern: embroidery skirt, sunflower embroidery, bear embroidery, red cross shape embroidery, blouse with embroidery and embroidery flowers. Smart computer control software to secure the correct shape of the embroidery.

laser cut fabric machine

If you need baby bibs , 70cotton 30bamboo blanket you can also find us.



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