bath baby towel 70cotton 30bamboo blanket wholesale

Wholesale bath baby towel.


Product name: baby bath towel
Fabric: 70%bamboo+30%cotton
Product size: 40x50x60cm
Product weight: 180g

банное детское полотенце

Bamboo-cotton muslin towel is a high quality, soft and breathable product. This scarf is made up of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% pure cotton, making it more comfortable and breathable to the touch. Bamboo fiber is similar to pure cotton in its fineness and softness, but has a higher breathability, which allows it to absorb sweat better and provide a more comfortable use.

Bamboo-cotton muslin towel is very light, soft and delicate to the touch, suitable for a variety of needs – from baby care to everyday use by adults or during sports to wipe off sweat. In addition, the diaper is made of natural materials, which makes it gentle on the skin and does not cause allergies or irritation.

Multifunctionality is also one of the features of the bamboo-cotton muslin blanket. It can be used as a towel, scarf, mask, scarf, headdress, etc., making it versatile and practical. In addition, the bamboo cotton muslin diaper can be repeatedly washed, durable and economical, as well as environmentally friendly.

All in all, the bamboo cotton muslin towel is a quality product that is suitable for a variety of situations. The unique composition and high quality make it an indispensable thing in everyday life.

In addition, we can personalize your Bamboo Cotton Muslin Swaddle with your logo or your baby’s or brand’s name. Please contact us for an order.


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